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Additional accessories can be found counters for your presentation on this page?

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 Standard folding counter
  From glazed pine / plywood wood tones of your choice, open-pore
  special price from 499,00 €
  - 0 (pdf)

 QUICKY- arched counter
  Front element à 1500 mm width, wood shades
  special price from 849,00 €
  - Description/Price (pdf)

 QUICKY- arched counter - Exclusive
  Front element à 1500 m width, with one ornamental profile frame, wooden shades
  special price from 810,00 €
  - Description/Price (pdf)

 Folding counter SPRINTER Exclusive
  In trendy metallic decoration on outside, smooth inside white
  special price from 846,00 €
  - Description/Price (pdf)

 QUICKY- Clean stainless steel folding counter
  Length 1600 mm, front panel in wood color at choice, with Schank board, glasses flusher,
sep. residue Weinausguss, large, deep Removable sink with drain valve and
Stainless steel standpipe, complete with cold water and sewage connections
Abwasser- Anschlüssen
  special price from 1.588,00 €
  - Description/Price (pdf)

      Here find you our Conditions for Pavilon rental - AGB (pdf)

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